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Your Certified NVC Trainers


Jean Morrison, MA, has a passion for making play out of learning. She integrates her skills in NVC, whole brain learning, experiential learning, and interactive games and exercises.  With Christine King, she has designed and developed a variety of materials, manuals, and books to make NVC learning accessible and meaningful.


Kristin Masters is committed to creating a world that works for everyone. She has long been a group facilitator and diversity trainer, and loves helping groups find ways to more easily move toward the goals of their good work. She is currently a trainer for the yearly Nonviolent Leadership for Social Justice Retreat, and she is a member of Robert Gonzales’ team of trainers supporting his Living Compassion work. Kristin draws on grief work to move us toward an orientation of loving what we have lost.


Christine King, is a UCSC lecturer working in the field of interpersonal communications, facilitation, mediation, and restorative justice. As a life-long meditator, Christine enjoys the confluence of NVC and mindfulness. She has taught in places as diverse as Stanford University, San Quentin State Prison, local independent schools, and Santa Cruz Women’s Jail.




Lynn Kelly: Lynn is an ongoing participant in Integration for Compassionate and Authentic Living (ICAL) and NVC workshops. She is committed to continuous learning and eager to share NVC with others. 

Dwight Hinds: I’m a Santa Cruz native and father of two boys. I have found the impact of the NVC training profound as I’ve integrated it into my life, from parenting to work to personal relationships it has left a positive mark everywhere. I’m grateful to be a part of the community and to get a chance to contributing back to the program that helped me so deeply. The six-month integration program is just a true blessing for all that attend.


Mary Goyer, M.S., is a holistic counselor & trainer specializing in the intersection of leadership development, trauma healing, and consciousness expansion for executives in high-impact organizations. She draws upon her traditional training in Marriage & Family Therapy (MFT), her background in conscious communication, and her expertise in mind-body healing techniques to help professionals in struggling teams tap into their creative, collaborative potential.


Meg Gold: Meg is an avid student/ practitioner of NVC along with a daily practice of Insight Meditation, yoga, and Qi Gong. She loves to incorporate these practices into her work as an Integrative Medicine doctor. Meg believes it is self-care and self-love that ultimately leads to the healing that people seek.  You can find a recent interview she did on NPR’s KRCB/ OutbeatRadio.org, Living Proof, in October. She lives in Northern California with her beautiful chocolate labrador, Grace. 








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