Three Tuesdays, starting August 8; 6:30-9pm

With Jean Morrison

Grow your communication and life skills in NVC to flourish at home, at work, any time you most want to be present to what’s happening around you.  This 3-week series (2.5 hrs x 3) will provide 7 hours of practice in hearing with empathy and powerfully speaking your honesty.  We’ll explore more deeply our conditioned reactions and the hidden agendas that can keep us stuck.  Start with acceptance of “where you are now,” set up some new practices in our three weeks together, and celebrate each new willingness to live and breathe this life-long philosophy and practice.

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Sustainer Level – Supports tuition for those with limited income;  $160

Maintainer Level – Our break even tuition; $120

Supported Level – For individuals with limited income; $80