Aviva & Rick Longinotti


My  email is longinotti  at baymoon dot com

I encountered Marshall Rosenberg when a friend invited me to a workshop in 2001. It was good timing. I had trouble relating to a co-worker and difficult interactions with my teenagers. I was ripe to learn something new.

I’m grateful for the changes I’ve experienced in my family relationships and community involvement. NVC has given me a different relationship to myself. Everything else flows from there.

In 2004, I co-founded NVC Santa Cruz along with Jean, Christine, and Aviva, my life partner. We’ve been together 41 years. We have two adult children. I enjoy leading workshops for couples, and on NVC and social advocacy.

Inspired by NVC, I left my electrical contracting business to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. My private practice focuses on couples, men and relationships, parents and teens, and family reconciliation. I lead a weekly groups in the County Jail.


Email:   Aviva at NVCsantacruz dot org.

Learning NVC has been a very positive addition to my life and to my worldview in general. Not only has NVC helped me to improve communication with family, friends and co-workers, but, just as importantly, it has given me a deeper understanding and acceptance of myself. As I learn to let go of guilt, blame, shame and judgment of myself, I am able to do the same towards others. Some times it’s easier to stop judging others than it is to stop judging myself.

My relationship with my husband, Rick was close before NVC. But now I have the compassion for myself and for him that enables us to overcome very difficult issues between us. The same is true for my relationship with my adult son and daughter. “Self-acceptance” and “Honesty with out Blame” are two of the key components to the depth and usefulness of my NVC practice. Remembering that people’s behaviors (even the most negative ones) are their  attempts at meeting a need of theirs, even if their strategies are counter productive. If they new a better way and could change the old habit, they would.

Besides personal relationships, NVC has the potential to transform workplace and organizational communication patterns and habits. I have seen the positive affects of NVC skills at meetings, daily office interactions, patient/doctor relations, manager/team member conflicts, etc.

I started learning NVC in 2001 and I’ve been teaching since 2003.  I have shared NVC in the non-profit community, UCSC, businesses, for incarcerated women, for social justice activists, the Homeless Service Center, maternity home for homeless women.  I helped to co-found NVCSC/Art of Communication and served on the Board of Directors.

The areas of teaching NVC that I am most interested in at this time are:
Introductory Presentations and Couples Classes that I co-teach with Rick.