Welcome to NVC Santa Cruz

Communication Skills for Home, Work, & Community

We offer classes in interpersonal communication for home, workplace, and in the community. In addition, our  trainers are available for mediation and coaching on an individual basis. We conduct trainings in workplaces and organizations, offering discounts to organizations that serve the community. You can read more about who we are and what we value on the About Us page.

What is Nonviolent Communication (NVC)?Rosenberg

Sometimes people get the wrong impression from the name, Nonviolent Communication, thinking, “Oh, that must be for violent people”. Read more      


Highlights of Upcoming Events

January 2016




Integrating Grief for a Richer Life, March 3-6 (offsite retreat)

Using NVC to Be Allies Across Race   4 Thursdays, starts Mar 10

Couples Wellness Clinic,  3 Mondays & 1 Saturday, starts March 21


Parenting Teens: Supporting Ourselves Differently  4 Weds, starts April 13

Retreats: Winter 2016

Women’s Winter Rejuvenation Retreat at Mt. Madonna, Feb 12-14

2016 Immersion & Learning Retreat, Feb 19-26

Kristin, Jean, Christine

Kristin, Jean, Christine



Disability Access

Since our main meeting space is on the second floor of the Quaker Meetinghouse, the location is not wheelchair accessible. Some events are held at accessible locations. Check each event for location. With enough notice from interested persons, we are often able to make arrangements to hold our workshops either downstairs or at another accessible location.  If possible we request a 10 day notice so that we have more of a chance to find an ADA location. If it’s less than 10 days, please still call. We will do our best. If you would like to attend a workshop and need an accessible location, please contact us  by email or phone.