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We offer classes in interpersonal communication for home, workplace, and in the community. In addition, our  trainers are available for mediation and coaching on an individual basis. We conduct trainings in workplaces and organizations, offering discounts to organizations that serve the community. You can read more about our approach on the About Us page.

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Upcoming Events


January 2017

CANCELLED: Introductory Session,  Sun, Jan 8, 6:30pm, Jean Morrison

6-month Integration Program

Saying Yes & Saying No: Compassionate Boundaries, 5 Tuesdays, starts Jan 10, Christine King

Boogie with the Basics, 6 Wednesdays, starts Jan 11, Jean Morrison

Now More Than Ever, NVC & Social Justice, 6 Thurs, starts Jan 26, Kristin Masters

Couples Weekend, Jan 28, 29


Daytime Class: Honesty Without Blame ~what to do with our negative thinking, starts Feb. 7th with Aviva Longinotti.

Introductory Session, Sun, Feb 12, 6:30pm

Womens Winter Retreat: Finding Our Strength and Power, non-residential retreat, Feb 4-5, Kristin Masters

Relationship Matters: From Surviving to Thriving, 4 Tuesdays, starts Feb 21, Christine King


Transforming Core Beliefs, March 4-5th  Kristin Masters

Introductory Session, March 12, Rick Longinotti

Couples Saturday Workshop, Mar 18,  Aviva & Rick Longinotti


Directions to our meeting space @ Arts Council of Santa Cruz County

1070 River St.
The Tannery Arts Center is on River St. (Highway 9), just north of the intersection with Highway 1.
Heading north on River St., turn into the parking lot past the cow in the photo below. We meet in the Arts Council building next to the parking lot. To enter, walk around to the Conference Room entrance off the plaza.


Meditations for These Times

People who attended our session on Processing the Election and Beyond want to share the following messages and video link.

My friends — if you are struggling to make meaning or find hope right now, please allow the mourning and work with it. Dance it. Sing it. Move it. Speak it. Knit it. Paint it. Meditate. Withdraw for a time if you need to. If you do, withdraw so deeply into the well of your despair that you find the life-giving water at the bottom of that well. The Well of Being. So you can Be Well. Bring what you find back out into the world and share it. The life energy in you matters! Your love and your courage and your tears matter! Connect with your spiritual communities. Learn about nonviolent social change — find sustenance and inspiration in the stories of spiritual activists. (What is your story? What is the next chapter?) When you are able to, with courage and compassion, connect with people who are hard to connect with. When you are not able to, nourish yourself and seek support. Please. I value your companionship, your inquiry, your passion, you. I do not want anyone to do spiritual bypass here. Big things are happening. Denial does not serve. “Lead us from the false to the real.” ONLY LOVE IS REAL.
Jean McElhaney

Do Not Lose Heart, We Were Made for These Times | Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Video: Thich Nhat Hanh with Opray Winfrey


Check out the Free Empathy table on Pacific Ave at Lincoln. Every Sunday from 2-4pm Bar Lowenberg is there to listen and empathize. Click on his photo below to read one person’s impression of Bar’s offering.

Bar Free Empathy